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Brian Seitchik

National Political Strategist

Brian Seitchik is a national political strategist with a background in campaign management and strategy, paid media, earned media, social media development, qualitative and quantitative research, constructing campaign teams and fundraising.

With practical experience across the country, Brian knows the true value of a political consultant is not just making a pretty commercial or telling a client what they want to hear; it is the ability to adjust the tone of the campaign at the right time in order to win.


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Paid Media

Brian has written and produced dozens of political spots. He understands the primary objective of paid media is to move voters and drive the agenda. Brian grasps when a campaign requires the soft touch and when it requires the hammer.

Earned Media

Social Media

As the Communications Director and Spokesperson for several statewide and Congressional efforts, Brian has developed a network of press contacts in multiple states and Washington, DC. He understands the importance of message creativity and discipline.

In a modern campaign, social media and a paid online presence are necessary tools to support and enhance the earned and paid media. Brian believes that the objective of social media changes over time: a shift from buzz building and grassroots development to voter mobilization and persuasion.

Qualitative & Quantative Research

Assembling a Campaign Team


With extensive survey research experience, Brian has moderated numerous focus groups for campaigns, political institutions, and corporate clients. Brian understands how to analyze qualitative and quantitative research and exploit the relevant information. Brian has experience writing and synthesizing survey instruments on a wide range of issues.

Building a cohesive and efficient campaign team are the first steps towards success. Brian has assembled campaign teams from the ground up in multiple states including California, Florida, Nevada and Arizona.

Brian has successfully directed fundraising strategies across multiple mediums: Direct Mail, Tele-marketing, Internet and Donor Fundraising. He makes it a priority to give the finance team the tools they need to achieve their goals


Who is Brian Seitchik

  Previous Clients

Brian is a native Pennsylvanian, however, ask anyone he’s worked with over the past two decades, and they would likely have no sense of his original roots. The West Coast contingency would say “New York”, the East Coasters say “California,” the Floridians are not sure and those hailing from Ohio would say, “Washington D.C.” Today he permanently calls Arizona home.

Brian has directed competitive political races in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, New York and Ohio. In addition, he has formulated polls and run focus groups in Arkansas, Connecticut, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Arizona and Virginia.

With an acute understanding of demographic and cultural differences and similarities nationwide, his specialty is bringing a unique and fresh strategy to each race while implementing proven tactics and methodologies. Between election cycles, I may be found skiing and attending kids soccer practice with my wife, daughter, and dogs Indi & Copper.

  • Elijah Norton for Congress (AZ)

  • Rodney Glassman for Attorney General (AZ)

  • Matt Krause for Tarrant County District Attorney (TX)

  • Tom Horne for Superintendent of Public Instruction (AZ)

  • North Carolina Republican Party (NC)

  • Regional Political Director for the Western Region, The Republican National Committee’s Trump Victory (AZ)

  • Steve Gaynor for Secretary of State (AZ)

  • Phil Lovas for Congress (AZ)

  • Arizona State Director, Donald J. Trump for President (AZ)

  • Jones for Congress (AZ)

  • Arizona Security and Prosperity Project (AZ)

  • We the People, Not Washington (NY)

  • Christine Jones for Governor (AZ)

  • Chief of Staff, Office of Congressman Dan Lungren (CA-3) (DC)

  • George LeMieux for US Senate (FL)

  • California Republican Party (CA)

  • Danny Tarkanian for US Senate (NV)

  • Poizner for Insurance Commissioner/Poizner for Governor (CA)

  • Mike DeWine for US Senate (OH)

  • Redistrict California: Yes on Proposition 77 (CA)

  • Dan Lungren for Congress (CA)

  • Bill Simon for Governor (CA)

  • Research Associate, Dresner, Wickers, & Associates (NY)

Who is Brady Smith

Brady hails from Macomb, Illinois and is an alumni of Western Illinois University & Northern Illinois University College of Law. Brady got his start in political campaigns in his home state, working on numerous state house, congressional, & statewide campaigns. Having directed political efforts in Illinois, Iowa, Georgia, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, and Alaska, he now resides in Phoenix.


Brady speaks nerd - as a former State Data Director for the Republican National Committee and Regional Data Director for the RNC in the 2020 Georgia Runoffs, Brady brings a data-driven approach to all facets of campaigning. His thorough understanding of the industry’s latest developments in predictive modeling, data acquisition, and application across all forms of paid media provides a competitive advantage over the opposition.


In the 2022 General Election, Brady’s focus pivoted to Kari Lake’s campaign for Governor of Arizona, serving as Chief Political Strategist for the final two months of the campaign. In the closing weeks of the election, Brady implemented a data-driven, model-based voter contact strategy.


Between election cycles, Brady can be found reminding fellow Cubs fans that “there’s always next year”, reliving his college tennis days, and traveling to parts unknown.


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